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Our Story

We are proud and excited to share iRoll Handcrafted Ice-Cream with you. At iRoll, we have dedicated ourselves to changing the way you experience ice-cream, creating our product in small batches with precision and passion.

Every bite of iRoll is full of healthful honey, jaggery, swirled into fresh cream and cow’s milk, sprinkled with the choicest natural ingredients to create a flavour you could lose yourself in. Everything about iRoll is pure, healthy, and fulfilling. We hope these remarkable flavours bring you as much joy as we have in our hearts, bringing them to you.

hand crafted ice cream

Friend of the ice cream

Our ice creams have sugar-free and vegan options with no preservatives or artificial flavours for those who like to indulge while staying healthy. Explore our popular collections and order yours today.

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Ice Cream is our passion, freshness is our mission, and quality is our commitment.
Fabulous taste journey


While taking away all the minuses that come with adding processed white sugar, Honey and Jaggery are a good source of antioxidants and aid in digestion and strengthening your immune system.

Time proves quality

Timeless Tradition

We make iRoll ice creams using handpicked, freshly sourced, authentic natural ingredients. Each batch is handcrafted with utmost care instead of large-scale conveyor belt-like processing to get the best, creamiest, most wholesome, and healthful product to the consumer.

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